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Keeping Up

As you may have noticed, I have not been blogging much here. The reasons are many, but I want you to know that I AM blogging now on our gallery blog, so, if you wish to, you can go to our website, www.cardonahinegallery.com, click on the icon on the right that says Gallery Blog and you can read about both or either of us, our new puppies, life, news and our work.

Alvaro just returned from a week in Grand Rapids, MI where the symphony orchestra there, under the direction of David Lockington, performed an elegy Alvaro wrote to honor one of our closest friends, Hank Feldrais, who ended his life about a year and a half ago. And not only to honor Hank, but to express his own profound sorrow at losing him.

As an artist, it is possible to take up one’s sorrow and give it a form. It is often very difficult to do this, but if it can be accomplished it is helpful in moving to a next stage. Alvaro had written a group of poems after Hank’s death, but it was clearly not enough, so he worked on this music for months. Music goes beyond our intellect, directly into our hearts; we feel the pain, the sorrow, and to have one’s own sorrow shared is a great comfort. And to hear it performed so beautifully, as he was able to do this week for four different performances, and to have it received and loved by both the orchestra and the audiences was deeply moving. Gratitude is hardly the word to express it, but certainly, that is part of it.

We hope to receive a CD of the concert in a few weeks. We may be able to make copies available for any who are interested.


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