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Sorry About the Silence….

We want all of our collectors and friends to know that we will be in Todos Santos, Mexico, from January 5 through April 1, 2009. The gallery will be closed beginning Jan. 4 and will reopen on April 2, 2009.

We had a very busy summer and fall with many wonderful visits both in the gallery and from personal friends. Alvaro went through some health issues which also kept us fairly busy, particularly a rotator cuff surgery that kept him down for a while. All is now well and he is composing and back to painting. He has just completed a lot of new birds; some of these we’ve added to his gallery on the website, but there are quite a few more that will be added as others fly off to their new homes. Visit the website (www.cardonahinegallery.com) or, if you want to see a few of the new ones before they go up on the site, contact us through the site. We’ll send email attachments.

The point of three months in Mexico is for us to be free to work deeply without interruption. Of course, as many of you who know us know, we love to socialize as well, so if you’re in Baja Sur and want to get together, contact us through the website, as we don’t know what our phone number down there will be. Barbara always checks email every other day. It’s nice to have a break once in a while from our work. So if you’re in La Paz or in Cabo San Lucas, you are only one hour away from Todos Santos. We can meet you somewhere in town.

Of course, going to Mexico is also an escape from the winter months here. Particularly for Alvaro who, with his Costa Rican blood, needs a warm, sunny, and green environment in which to thrive. This will be our fifth stay down there. We’ll see what we come back with this time in terms of creating. It is always an inspiration to be there.

We also want to wish our patrons and friends very happy holidays, especially the coming new year. It looks challenging from this distance, but who knows? Everything is in flux. But what else is new?


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