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(Still Barbara writing for Alvaro): We don’t celebrate anniversaries much. In fact, we married on leap year day–Feb. 29–both so we wouldn’t have to do a yearly thing, but also to be sure we’d remember the day. But our gallery in Truchas, NM, will have been open for 20 years this coming May. It’s rather amazing to us, and it has been a journey of depth and joy for both of us, filled with years of meeting and making good friends among our gallery visitors, and growing and deepening in our art.Visit my blog if you’d like to read about how the gallery came about. Below is a picture of us in those first, heady, days just after opening the gallery.


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Hello world!

Alvaro is not ready to commit himself to writing here as he is very occupied with writing an opera based on a play called “Flight” written by Mikhail Bulgakov. He has written both opera and chamber music before, some of which has been performed, but, so far, never an opera. It is no doubt quixotic of him, but that is how he is: it does really matter to have it performed, but the reality that it probably never will be does not stop him from doing it. He has to do it. It’s that simple. The music is in him; the play inspired him. At any rate, so I am greeting you for him, his wife.

He is not only a composer, but a painter and poet and writer. Rather one could say simply that he is a deeply creative man, and that creativity takes on many forms. Some of his writings will be included here; some of his paintings, though you may go to our website to see more of them www.cardonahinegallery.com.

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